TurboZone Policies

TurboZone (“Service”) provides GCI Wireless subscribers with wireless access to the Internet and related services and features via GCI high-speed wireless Internet access points (TurboZone “Locations”). GCI offers this Service to existing GCI Wireless customers with qualified data plans. You must be a current GCI Wireless subscriber with a qualified data plan to access this Service. The Service is provided by General Communications Inc. (“GCI”) and, in certain areas, through its roaming partners.

When you use the TurboZone service, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which incorporate GCI’s Terms and Conditions for all Internet products, GCI’s Acceptable Use Policy, as well as GCI’s Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy.  PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY.  They determine your legal rights and responsibilities and limit our liability. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE T&Cs, DO NOT USE THE SERVICE.

This Service will be included in the price of the GCI Wireless customer’s existing qualified data plan.  TurboZone is currently complimentary, your use of this Service will not count against your wireless data plan usage allowance.  At the end of the promotional period, GCI will include a specified amount of data to be used at TurboZone locations each month; based on your Wireless Data Plan. All TurboZone data used above the included monthly allowance will be billed at $15.00 per 3 GB of TurboZone data usage.  If GCI changes the terms of this Service in a way that has a material impact on the Service, notification will be made through these Terms and Conditions or at TurboZone FAQs.  GCI wireless customers are responsible for checking the GCI website for any such notices.  If you access the Service of a roaming partner, you are responsible for any applicable roaming charges.  The Service is provided for your personal use only, unless otherwise stated.

GCI reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend all or a portion of your Service for conduct GCI has reasonable belief violates the Acceptable Use Policy; or violates any law, regulation, or tariff, including copyright and intellectual property laws.  GCI also reserves the right to discontinue or modify, either temporarily or permanently, the Service or any portion thereof at any time.  You agree that GCI will not be liable to you if it suspends or terminates the Service.

As with any Internet service, the availability of the Service is subject to the availability and operational requirements or limitations of the underlying equipment and facilities.  Factors influencing the availability or performance of the Service include network congestion, performance and configuration of your device, and physical distance or obstruction between your device and the TurboZone equipment, among others.  Temporary interruptions to the Service may occur.  GCI will not be liable for such temporary interruptions.  You agree that GCI is not responsible for third-party networks you may access and is not liable for any delays or disruptions on those networks.

GCI takes the privacy and security of its customers very seriously.  You understand that others may be able to observe your use of the Service, especially if you use the Service in a public location.  GCI cannot guarantee privacy or security and will not be liable to you or any third party for a lack of privacy or security that may result from your use of the Service.  You are responsible for taking privacy and security precautions.  GCI strongly encourages its customers to use security and privacy solutions such as virtual private networks, encryption, and personal firewalls.  GCI does not provide these tools to its customers and is not liable for any flaws in their effectiveness.

We reserve the right to engage in reasonable network management practices as described in GCI’s Terms and Conditions for all Internet products, including limiting connection speeds in times of network congestion.


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