Compliance Hotline

GCI and its management are committed to conducting GCI business according to ethical principles. If a customer has reason to believe that a potential violation of relevant laws or regulations may have occurred with GCI’s Rural Health Care or E-Rate Programs, they are encouraged to report their concerns. This may include instances of universal service support being misapplied or mismanaged, or of violations of related laws, rules, or regulations.

When filing a report, please provide as many details as you are able. Examples of useful information include:

  • Relevant names, dates, times, and locations
  • The name of any medical facility, or school associated with the events giving rise to the report
  • A detailed description of the alleged wrongdoing
  • How the reporting party became aware of the problem

Concerns can be reported through the Compliance Hotline at (866) 222-1232. There is an option to make a report anonymously. 

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