Approved Customer-Owned Modems

If you are a GCI Internet customer, GCI will provide you with a cable modem at no additional charge. GCI has thoroughly tested our devices on our network and supporting systems to ensure secure, reliable service at the highest possible data rates. GCI will replace our modems when new equipment is required.

Although GCI provides cable modems for customers at no charge, GCI supports customers using their own equipment. GCI may prohibit the use of certain cable modems because of security and/or compliance issues. All customer-provided cable modems require GCI certification if not already on the supported device list below. This process is required for network security and management, service provisioning, and usage information reporting.

GCI cannot guarantee that any non-GCI owned equipment will work with our Service. We may not be able to support or troubleshoot this equipment and will not be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of any equipment that we did not provide.

GCI reserves the right to perform firmware and software updates on customer-owned equipment to preserve and protect the security and stability of the network. If GCI finds customer-owned equipment to be detrimental to the network, GCI will mandate the immediate removal of that equipment regardless of certification or any “end of support” date. 

Below is the current list of modems certified for use on GCI’s network

  • Netgear CM2000
  • Netgear CM1000


For more information, please contact Customer Service at 800-800-4800.

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