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Two ways to upgrade to Yukon TV


We offer comparable Yukon TV plans to your existing GCI TV plan. Give us a call at 800-800-4800 to ask a service representative to mirror your existing plan on Yukon TV.


Pick the plan and features you want with the Yukon TV plan builder and immediately see how changes will affect your rate.

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Everything you need to know about our TV service upgrade

GCI TV service is evolving to keep up with industry trends and to help support the growing demand placed on our network by the rising number of people, devices, and services going online. Introducing: Yukon TV, our new TV service that more efficiently uses network resources to deliver the TV you know and love. Most of this improvement is happening behind the scenes, and your viewing experience will go much unchanged. Learn more about our transition to Yukon TV and what it means for our current customers.

GCI is not exiting the TV business; we’re improving the way we deliver TV. Much like VCRs were replaced by DVD and Blu-ray players, cable box technology is being replaced by streaming technology. So, we’re replacing our outdated TV service (think, cable boxes) with our new TV service, Yukon TV. Oh, and when we say “streaming,” it just means that what you watch is being viewed over an internet connection — no longer over a limiting coax cable. Just think of it as TV without clunky cable boxes and their monthly fees!

To keep access to GCI TV service, you need to upgrade to Yukon TV. Your current, outdated TV service has already started to be replaced by Yukon TV. The next channel migration will happen in October but there’s no rush to make any decisions right away — we’ll be in touch to give you a heads up before they go anywhere.

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Your channels aren’t going away, they’re being migrated to Yukon TV. As an existing GCI TV customer, you already have access to Yukon TV and can continue viewing all channels in your plan package, on Yukon TV. All you need to do is activate this service. You will automatically enjoy 60 days free.2

You still have time before you need to take action. Your existing TV service will remain active until the end of the year, though channels will continue to be removed up until that time. To maintain GCI TV service after the end of the year, and to get full access to all channels in your plan package today, you will need to upgrade to Yukon TV — available now. To help make the transition, we’re offering two months of free service on Yukon TV.

You can upgrade to Yukon TV and get the same channel lineup you currently have, for a very comparable price. Many customers will actually save money by upgrading because Yukon TV doesn’t require cable boxes or their monthly fees. We also have some great promotional offers available to save you money and help ease the transition to Yukon TV!

Your experience on Yukon TV will be a lot like what you’re already used to. You’ll continue to enjoy live and recorded TV, on-demand viewing, and a huge selection of content. Yukon TV upgrades your experience by always delivering all channels in high definition and frees you to watch your favorite movies, shows, and sports from your favorite devices.

A GCI internet connection is required to access Yukon TV. Service is delivered over our core network, so you need to have an established GCI internet connection. But unlike other streaming apps, Yukon TV usage doesn’t count against your home internet plan, so there’s no minimum plan requirement concern about using up too much data. Stream on.

Exclusive savings on Yukon TV

Plans start at just $4.99/mo. when you’re a member of GCI+.
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Your Yukon TV upgrade checklist

  • An active Yukon TV plan
  • A compatible streaming device and device login (Apple, Google, Amazon)
  • Yukon TV app
  • GCI home internet service
  • Active MyGCI credentials

Even more reasons to upgrade

Get rid of outdated equipment

Say goodbye to bulky boxes and endless equipment fees. Yukon TV requires a simple streaming device* for each TV screen you'll be using — that’s it.

More Recording Options

Forget to record that can’t-miss show? With 72-hr Go Back*, you can record and watch content that already aired. Plus, upgrade to cloud DVR storage and never lose your recordings again.

Flexible viewing locations

Yukon TV not only eliminates the need to mount your TV on the wall near access to the cable outlet, it also allows you to watch programming from different devices at home and on the go!*

maintain tv service

By 2022, Yukon TV will be GCI's only TV service. We recommend getting Yukon TV alongside your current service now, so you can get used to the new features. To help with the transition, we'll provide your first two months FREE.2

Discover a new era of entertainment FREE for 60 days2

Exclusively for our GCI TV customers, we're offering 60 days of Yukon TV FREE when you upgrade! Offer will be automatically applied.

2.Offer available for current GCI TV subscribers. Available for Core, Plus, or Total Plans. Two month free discount will be applied at the time of purchase. Prorates to apply. Discount only valid on price of plan. Does not include equipment or other additional purchases. Terms and conditions and additional charges and fees may apply.

Limited Time Offer

Sign up for Yukon TV today and get a FREE streaming device

Ask your customer service representative for details.

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More Information

Yukon TV is currently available only for GCI Internet customers with service addresses in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. Channel availability varies by location and may change over time. Some features of the Yukon TV service may be limited or may vary based on channel, viewing location, or device, including but not limited to: restart, go-back, fast-forward/rewind, recording, number of simultaneous streams, number of devices associated with your account, and out-of-home viewing. Some content offered by Yukon TV, including content viewed out-of-home, may count against your internet or wireless data usage. Yukon TV is not available on all devices—contact GCI Customer Service to determine if your device will work. Use of the Yukon TV service is subject to the GCI Cable TV Terms and Conditions.

1The 30 days free offer is for new GCI TV customers and it applies a discount equal to one month’s plan fee to your first bill. It does not cover any prorates applied at the time the customer begins service.

2Offer for 60 days free Yukon TV requires a switch to that new platform — you will still be billed for your existing GCI TV service until you return your cable TV equipment to GCI. Your existing service will be terminated once you return any cable TV equipment to GCI, or automatically by GCI 60 days after you switch. Regardless, you must return your old TV equipment within 15 days of service termination to avoid unreturned equipment fees. Once you switch from your existing cable service to Yukon TV, you will not be able to switch back.