Yukon TV FAQ: Answers to your frequently asked questions

Quick answers to the most common questions about the Yukon TV app.

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Switching to Yukon TV

The following is required to access Yukon TV:

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Your experience on Yukon TV will be a lot like what you’re already used to. You’ll continue to enjoy live and recorded TV, on-demand viewing, and a huge selection of content. Yukon TV upgrades your experience by always delivering all channels in high definition and frees you to watch your favorite movies, shows, and sports from your favorite devices.
Yes, all Yukon TV plans include local channels.
Unfortunately, you can only have one free device offer associated with your account at a time. Free device offers require 24-month device financing plus a discount that amounts to a $0/mo balance. If you’d like to claim another free device offer, you must first pay off your existing free device or wait until after your existing 24-month term has ended.

Using Yukon TV Streaming Features

Once you have worked with a GCI representative to get connected to your Yukon TV plan, you can upgrade your plan and viewing features at MyGCI.
Yukon TV allows for recording, pausing, and fast-forwarding, plus some additional features like Go Back, Restart, and cloud storage. (Not all features are available for all content on Yukon TV.)
In many cases, yes. Yukon TV lets you access network-approved recordings off-network through our mobile app. You can also access live and on-demand content via network TV Everywhere apps like WatchESPN, Watch HGTV, Bravo NOW, Fox News, and dozens more. Not all TV channels are available in all locations—some can only be accessed from your home.
This popular feature is available on most networks. It allows you to watch previously aired TV programs for up to 72 hours. That means even if you forgot to record a show, you might still be able to watch it with Go Back. To experience this feature, scroll back in the Guide and look for the Go Back icon, which appears as an arrow on a circular path.

Accessing Yukon TV

Yes. When you have Yukon TV, you can use your MyGCI login info to sign directly into network apps, as long as the network is a part of your Yukon TV package. For instance, if Fox is a channel in your Yukon TV package, then you can download the FOX Now app and use it to watch content from that network. This is a great option for watching missed shows or live TV when you're off-network. Learn more ➔
Customers are required to have GCI home internet in order to establish a connection to GCI’s core network, which is the data source behind Yukon TV service. Streaming Yukon TV at home does not count towards your home internet plan’s included high-speed data.
Any GCI internet plan will be sufficient to satisfy the connectivity requirements of Yukon TV. Streaming Yukon TV at home does not count towards your home internet plan’s included high-speed data.

Yukon TV is not currently supported on internet browsers or smart TVs, though we hope to offer these additional options as supported devices in the future. That being said, many customers with smart TVs that use an Android operating system have reported success in downloading and using the Yukon TV app on these devices. If you find that Yukon TV works on your smart TV, great! Please be aware that since smart TVs are not yet supported devices, we are unable to assist customers with any Yukon TV-related issues while operating on them. Please check our supported devices page for the latest in device compatibility.

More About the Yukon TV app

Yukon TV is a state-of-the-art streaming TV app that lets you watch live and on demand from your phone, tablet, and some of your most popular streaming devices like Apple TV or Android devices. Instead of having to rent a cable box you can just download the Yukon TV app and enjoy your subscription on your own equipment, without the equipment fees.

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We are bringing our television service into the modern day and age. Much like VCRs were replaced by DVD and Blu-ray players, streaming apps are the new, more efficient way to deliver video content. As our network continues to grow and support increasing internet and mobile connectivity demands, the modernization of our TV service will allow us to redistribute some of our network resources to support the growing use of data.
Streaming means that what you watch is being viewed over an internet connection — no longer over a limiting coax cable. Just think of it as TV without clunky cable boxes and their monthly fees!