Robocalling: Understanding flagged calls and their potential risk

July 8, 2021

We are proud to offer our local phone customers an industry-leading solution to better identify the calls they receive. You may have noticed some new caller ID labels displayed on your phone; these are the result of GCI following the FCC mandate called “STIR/SHAKEN”, which helps you identify the level of risk of potentially harmful phone calls. You may now see caller ID labels of Potential Spam, Potential Scam, or Potential Fraud when receiving calls.


Potential Spam - Low Potential Risk

Potential Scam - Medium Potential Risk

Potential Fraud - High Potential Risk


For more information on FCC mandates on scam calls visit:


To report a fraudulent call, please visit:


If your phone number ever displays as potential fraud on a call recipient’s caller ID, please contact your phone service provider.


GCI residential customers: call (800) 800-4800 

GCI business customers: visit