Setting Up GCI Wireless Voicemail

July 30, 2022

Setup and Access

  1. Accessing the GCI Voicemail System:
    • From your GCI handset
      • Press and hold the number “1″ on the keypad until it dials into the voicemail system.
      • Or dial 907-444-0068 from your wireless (cellular) phone to access the voicemail system.
    • You may also use a landline to setup your voicemail by dialing your wireless number, then press the # key during the outgoing message to start the set-up process.
  2. If prompted for a pass code, enter your PIN.
    • If you do not know your PIN, please contact GCI at 1-800-800-4800 for assistance
  3. Create new pass code of your choosing. The new number needs to be between six (6) and 15 digits. You are required to change your PIN from default to access voicemail. Your PIN cannot be 000000 or 123456.
  4. Select the style of voice greeting. You will be asked to record your name and personalized greeting message if you choose not to use the default message.
  5. Any stored messages will be played after the initial settings are completed.
  6. The voicemail system will provide instructions while navigating the different levels/menus.
    • The menus listed below do not work with Visual Voicemail
    • Here are the main menus shortcuts to use after entering your password:
      • Press 1 – listen to new voicemail messages
      • After listening to the message(s) press:
        • 1 = to replay message
        • 2 = to go back to the previous message
        • 5 = Play date, time and caller information
        • 7 = delete message
        • 8 = reply to this message
        • 9 = save message (only for new messages)
        • # = skip to next message
        • * = to go back to the main menu


Voicemail Main Menu

  • Press 1 to review your message
  • Press 2 to send a message
  • Press 4 to change personal options
  • Press 9 to recover a deleted message on the same call (only if you delete a message and want to recover the message before hanging up)
  • Press 0 for more help

Voicemail Message Menu (while a message is playing)

  • Press *1 to Rewind (5 second intervals)
  • Press *2 for Pause (60 second intervals)
  • Press *3 to Fast Forward (5 second intervals)
  • Press # = skip to next message
  • Press * = to go back to the main menu

Blank Message or No Sound

Some customers have reported to GCI, that after entering their PIN to log into the voicemail system, they hear 20~30 seconds of silence.  If you hear this Press 7.

The system starts to play new messages automatically after logging in, in this case the first message is a “blank” message. The system is playing the “blank” message. Some of these customers felt that the system hung up on them, that was not the case. Again, if this happens to you, Press 7, to delete the blank message.

Changing your Passcode or PIN

From the main menu, press 4 to change personal options, then press 1 to enter a new passcode.