How to Pull Business Usage Reports from MyGCI

December 27, 2022

This support article is designed to serve GCI business customers. If you need help viewing usage for a residential account, click here.

Note: Chrome is the recommended browser for pulling usage reports.

1. Log in to MyGCI

2. Navigate to 'Export Usage' tab


3. Modify your report filters

  • Report type: Select from wireless monthly, wireless daily, internet monthly, internet daily, or long distance
  • Billing account: If there is more than one account linked to your profile, you will need to specify from which account to pull data
  • Bill period: Select the date range from which to pull data

4. Click ‘Export Report’

5. If you are using Chrome, your .csv file will appear in the download section of your browser


How to Read Your Business Usage Reports

December 27, 2022

Usage reports can be used as an estimate tool against your bill but are not expected to represent an exact match.

  • Reports are downloaded in .csv format and represent various data points, dependent upon the type of report downloaded. For a description of each of these data points, reference the glossary of terms, below. 
  • If you have multiple plans under one account, each plan’s data will be displayed on its own row.

Usage Report Glossary of Terms
Additional Buckets Added – The number of additional usage buckets purchased (10 GB per bucket)
Amount – Resulting call charge 
Call Date – Date call was made
Call Duration (Minutes) – Total call time recorded on all associated Phone Numbers
Call Type – Long distance, calling card, or Toll Free
City – Service Address city recorded in our system
Days Remaining in Bill Cycle – Number of days before your bill is due
Destination Number – Number call was made to
Download (GB) – Total gigabytes of downloaded data on all associated Phone Numbers
Group Id – A unique identifier for our billing system
Included Plan Usage – Your plan’s maximum usage allowance
Length of Call (Minutes) – Amount of time spent on the call
MAC Address - Unique identifier assigned to a network interface.
Message Count – Total text messages sent and received on all associated Phone Numbers
Originating Number – Number call was made from
Plan Name – Name of GCI plan being reported on
Phone Number – All phone numbers associated with the account
Service Address Line 1 – Service Address recorded in our system
Service Address Line 2 – Extended Service Address recorded in our system
Service Name – Your service name, as recorded in our billing system
Total – Amount of data used
Total Charge – Amount billed for usage in excess of Included Plan Usage
Upload (GB) – Total gigabytes of uploaded data on all associated Phone Numbers 

NOTE: GCI provides this tool to allow you to monitor the usage on your accounts. The Usage Viewer is a guide for estimating current usage, but real-time updates are not available as usage is consumed. In addition, totals from previous days may increase as the usage records are processed and reported in the Usage Viewer, and changes to your plan during the billing cycle may result in inconsistent usage reporting until a new billing cycle begins.



Will I have access to usage viewer online to track my daily usage for mobile or internet?
No, business customers can track daily usage through export reports only. Usage reporting is updated every 24 hours and can be filtered to export daily usage reports for mobile and internet.

Will the usage viewer feature return?
The residential-style usage viewer will not be available to business customers.

How will I track my data usage in real time?
Unfortunately, there is no feature available to track data usage in real time. Usage Reporting is updated every 24 hours. If you have usage concerns, our reps will be happy to provide an account review to make sure you’re on the best plan to meet your business needs.

How often can usage reports be pulled?
Usage reports can be pulled weekly, or monthly.

Why can’t my business get an internet plan that slows data speeds when we reach our data usage limit?
Because slowed data speeds could be disruptive to your business operations, our business internet plans are designed to automatically add additional data buckets to keep your business internet up and running at the expected speed. We are currently evaluating solutions to give business customers more flexibility when it comes to data usage.