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Oh. So. Pro.

Get the powerful iPhone 13 Pro from $0 with trade-in when you add a mobile line on Alaska's most advanced network.
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Get iPhone 12 on us

From $0 with trade-in.
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Get Samsung Galaxy Z Series for up to $1,000 off

Introducing the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3.
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Made for the epic in everyday

Get Samsung Galaxy S21 FREE with trade-in.
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Exclusive offer for GCI Mobile Customers

Upgrade to the latest smartphones and get $100 off. Plus, save even more if you trade in your current device.


Students love learning with iPad because it’s portable, powerful, and easy to use. We’ll cover the first $200 so you can get iPad for just $7.20/mo.

Shop Accessories

Get up to 40% off mobile accessories.

Protect. Power. Play. And save!
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Get Alaska Airlines Miles

That's 1 mile for every dollar you spend on qualifying GCI mobile plans.

Unlimited Data on Every Line

Go with one line, or get discounts with more. Unlimited mobile data gives you the best experience on the most advanced wireless network in Alaska.

Switching your mobile, made easy

Plus, you can save up to $400 when you join Alaska's most advanced network.