When your housing gets connected, everyone wins

What is Property-Provided Internet?


Alaska's Fastest Internet.

Nowadays, high-speed internet isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. GCI offers properties the opportunity to provide you and your multi-dwelling neighbors with 250 Mbps of No Worries service at a discounted rate to them. And if you decide you want to upgrade to a faster speed, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts.


Your own connection.

GCI Property-Provided Internet is NOT a shared Wi-Fi connection. That means each unit receives their own dedicated Wi-Fi modem with no overage charges.


High speeds. Steep discounts.

With GCI Property-Provided Internet you'll never worry about overpaying for additional services and upgrades. Because your property is paying for a larger volume of connections, we're able to give you more speed at a lower price.

Upgrade to GCI+

Get special savings when you upgrade your GCI Property-Provided Internet to GCI+, with unlimited mobile lines for just $25/mo each.
Add mobile and save

GCI Property-Provided Internet starts with a fast 250 Mbps connection. But you can upgrade to the speed that fits your needs.

Not living in a multi-dwelling complex? Explore our No Worries Internet plans ➔

Initial mobile lines start at only $20 for GCI+ Property-Provided Internet customers, depending on their selected internet plan. Additional lines vary by plan. See table for details.

 Plan   First Line of Mobile    Add-on Wireless  
 Fast+  $44.99  Explore: $25
 Faster Unlimited+   $20  Explore: $25
 Peak: $30
 Fastest Unlimited+    $20  Explore: $25
 Peak: $30
 red Unlimited+  $20  Explore: $25
 Peak: $30
 Summit: $35