GCI upgrades Whittier wireless service just in time for summer

May 24, 2018

Since 2014, GCI has invested more than $180 million in its wireless network

WHITTIER, Alaska – As another busy Alaska tourism season begins, Whittier is better connected than ever before. GCI recently finished a number of improvements in the community, including the launch of 4G LTE service.

Faster wireless speeds enable local businesses to more quickly process payments and provide a better customer experience to the thousands of visitors filtering through the community this summer.

“Fast, reliable connectivity is the economic lifeblood for communities, like Whittier, that depend heavily on Alaska’s tourism industry,” said Greg Klimek, vice president, Wireless Marketing. “The upgrades are also a huge year-round gain for local residents and Alaskans that take advantage of the state’s ferry system.”

The service upgrades in Whittier mark the latest milestones in GCI’s commitment to increase its wireless footprint across Alaska and provide improved service for customers statewide. Since 2014, GCI has invested more than $180 million in its wireless network which serves more than 240 communities. GCI’s wireless network is the largest in Alaska, with more than 97 percent of Alaskans living within GCI’s wireless footprint.

GCI has upgraded wireless service in more than 20 communities since December 2017. As part of GCI’s Alaska Plan strategy, GCI continues to bring upgraded wireless and internet services to communities throughout Alaska.

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