GCI launches upgraded wireless data service in Unalaska

April 3, 2018

Access to new service a game-changer for residents, businesses in remote Aleutian community

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Unalaska, the nation’s most-productive fishing port, now has access to wireless data service with the completion of GCI’s long-anticipated network upgrades in the community.

Local residents and businesses throughout the community can now access the internet and their favorite mobile apps through their smartphones without being connected to Wi-Fi. 

“Unalaska is a vibrant community with a thriving maritime industry, but it is also one of the most remote cities in the nation. Delivering service can be a real challenge,” said GCI Vice President Dan Boyette. “At GCI, we know that access to connectivity plays a big role in the long-term economic health of a community. So, we’re pleased that we’re now able to deliver improved wireless data to Unalaska.”

The far-flung Aleutian town lies approximately 900 miles southwest of Anchorage. Unalaska is only accessible by air and sea, and is around a two-and-a-half hour plane ride or an approximately three-day journey on the Alaska Marine Highway System, with travel often hampered by unpredictable, inclement weather in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea.

These upgrades mark the latest milestones in GCI’s commitment to increase its wireless footprint across Alaska and provide improved service for customers statewide. Since 2014, GCI has invested more than $180 million in its wireless network which serves more than 240 communities. GCI’s wireless network is the largest in Alaska, with more than 97 percent of Alaskans living within GCI’s wireless footprint.

GCI has upgraded wireless service in more than 20 communities since December 2017. As part of the Alaska Plan, GCI continues to bring upgraded wireless and internet services to communities throughout rural Alaska.

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