GCI will boost Sitka data speeds with five new sites

October 24, 2018

New wireless sites will expand LTE coverage from downtown Sitka to the ferry terminal

SITKA, Alaska – Sitkans who are currently enjoying new LTE wireless service in the downtown area will see even bigger benefits as GCI expands its wireless network, the largest in Alaska, by five additional local sites in the coming months. 

GCI recently completed the first phase of a local Sitka wireless improvement project with LTE upgrades to two downtown locations near Lake Street and Arrowhead Street. The second phase of the project includes five new wireless sites – four along Halibut Point Road and another near the intersection of Sawmill Creek Road and Shotgun Alley. The five new sites are the result of a partnership with the Sitka Electric Utility which will enable GCI to install equipment on power poles thus eliminating the need to build additional towers.

“Sitkans who are already enjoying the upgraded LTE service downtown will see even more improvement with the completion of the five new sites,” said Warren Russell, vice president, Southeast Regional Operations. “With our LTE network and plenty of extra capacity, GCI customers in Sitka will have a seamless wireless experience even when cruise ships come to town.”

GCI’s coverage improvements throughout Sitka also extend service into previously unreached sections of Sitka Sound helping cultivate a safer, better-connected experience as Sitkans take to the water.

“These five new wireless sites in our partnership with GCI will not only bring Sitkans a greatly-enhanced wireless experience, but substantial economic benefits as well,” said Bryan Bertacchi, City of Sitka Electric Utility Director. “Lease revenue from the five new wireless sites will directly benefit the customers of the electric enterprise fund, helping to reduce electric rates throughout the community.”

The project is expected to be complete in early 2019.

Since 2014, GCI has invested more than $180 million into its wireless network, serving over 240 communities. GCI is committed to growing its wireless footprint and improving service across Alaska. More than 97 percent of Alaskans are within GCI’s network.

GCI has improved or expanded service in more than 35 communities, so far, in 2018. GCI will launch wireless service and internet upgrades in more Alaska communities in the coming months.

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