News Release

February 6, 2014

With GCI’s enriched Seasonal Suspend Program, customers have the luxury of being able to leave Alaska for longer periods of time without having to worry about deactivating their GCI TV service and reactivating it upon their return.

This program is an opportunity for Alaskan “snowbirds” to save the time and effort it takes to return equipment to a GCI office; retain their favorite recordings on DVR or TiVo; and save time when they turn service back on.

For more details, terms and conditions visit or call your local GCI office 800-800-4800.

About GCI

GCI is the top provider of voice, data and video services in Alaska, through which consumers can experience entertainment everywhere. GCI is also the leading provider of communications services to enterprise customers, particularly large enterprise customers with complex data networking needs. The Alaska-based company is dedicated to providing the best in communication services, including the state’s largest wireless network, high-speed broadband, digital cable television and local telephone services. The company offers more than 1,200 TurboZone locations statewide to provide customers with more high-speed wireless capabilities. The Alaska-based company continuously supports community efforts, contributing to nonprofit organizations across the state. More information about GCI can be found at

Shahid Butt, GCI