GCI improves wireless speeds in 15 rural Alaska communities over last three months

March 12, 2018

Faster wireless service and more reliable internet are game-changers for small rural communities

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – GCI, Alaska’s largest telecommunications and technology company, launched improved wireless service in seven new communities over the past six weeks, bringing the total number of local upgrades to 15 in the last three months.

Now, GCI customers in Golovin, Selawik, White Mountain, Stebbins, Noatak, Ambler and Kivalina have the world at their fingertips, with the new capability to watch video, stream music, use their favorite social media apps, or shop online on their smartphones. These communities add to the list of locations GCI has upgraded its service since December, including: Buckland, St. Michael, Noorvik, Kiana, Elim, Koyuk, Shungnak and Utqiagvik.

“Access to fast and reliable connectivity is vital to the health of a community, but delivering that service over thousands of miles of some of Alaska’s most rugged terrain can be a challenge – and it requires us to get creative,” said Jimmy Sipes, vice president, GCI Network Services & Chief Engineer. “We’re able to use an innovative combination of fiber, microwave, and satellite technology to deliver an ever-improving level of service in many places other companies wouldn’t even consider building.”

These upgrades mark the latest milestones in GCI’s commitment to increase its wireless footprint across Alaska and provide improved service for customers statewide. Since 2014, GCI has invested more than $150 million in its wireless network which serves more than 240 communities. GCI’s wireless network is the largest in Alaska, with more than 97 percent of Alaskans living within GCI’s wireless footprint. Many of these upgrades are supported by GCI’s TERRA – or Terrestrial for Every Rural Region in Alaska – network, a massive $300 million infrastructure project serving 45,000 Alaskans in 84 rural communities.

GCI has upgraded wireless service in 15 communities since December 2017, and plans to launch wireless service and internet upgrades in additional Alaska communities in the coming months.

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