GCI celebrates Alaska-tough leadership on International Women’s Day

March 8, 2018

GCI’s Rebecca Markley manages construction of $327 million TERRA mega-project

ANCHORAGE, Alaska— In celebration of International Women’s Day today, GCI is recognizing Rebecca Markley, a standout leader who played a critical role in the completion of GCI’s TERRA network, the massive telecommunications infrastructure project constructed across some of the toughest terrain in Alaska to deliver high-speed broadband internet service to 45,000 Alaskans in 84 remote communities.  

As GCI’s director of rural initiatives, Rebecca Markley manages all of GCI’s Arctic projects. Markley oversees the rural upgrade and maintenance projects for the GCI network, often juggling dozens of projects at once. The biggest project on her plate has been TERRA, or Terrestrial for Every Rural Region in Alaska, GCI’s next-generation communications network that provides high-speed connectivity to 84 rural Alaska communities. As project manager of TERRA, Markley orchestrated the construction phase of the project, one of the largest and most geographically challenging communications construction projects in Alaska.  

“I was involved with every aspect of the build, from permitting to ordering helicopter lifts to being on the mountaintops with our incredible crews,” said Markley. “I was able to see and understand the TERRA build from start to finish with the help of a wonderful team of experts, and we were all excited to be involved in this historic project to provide greater connectivity to rural Alaska.”

Markley has to be creative and strategic to respond to the unique challenges that are presented when constructing a project like TERRA. Many of GCI’s rural projects are in remote areas that require extra planning and coordination. Markley orchestrates remote fueling operations, environmental compliance and heavy equipment shipments, all while meeting tight deadlines made even tighter by Western Alaska’s short weather windows for construction. 

“Rebecca’s expertise and dedication to our rural operations have helped provide Alaskans living in the most remote areas of our state with broadband services that advance health, education and economic opportunities,” said General Counsel and Senior Vice President of GCI Government Affairs Tina Pidgeon. “She’s one example of the standout women leaders that GCI is fortunate to have. They are leading the way in Alaska and the technology industry as a whole.”

In recent years, GCI’s has paved the way for women in the technology and telecommunications industry, beginning with the development of GCI’s Women’s Network launched by Pidgeon. The group offers peer-to-peer networking, training and personal and professional development opportunities for all GCI employees. GCI works with industry partners to promote women leaders through programs like the Betsy Magness Leadership Institute and the Women in Cable Telecommunications Rising Leaders Program.

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