More data, lower cost, no overage charges for GCI customers in Utqiaġvik

July 26, 2017

GCI rolls out new No Worries plans for America’s northernmost city

ANCHORAGE, Alaska—Many GCI customers in Utqiaġvik will see the amount of data included in their internet plans increase this week as GCI introduces its new No Worries internet plans. No Worries plans will be more affordable than current plans for the majority of Utqiaġvik customers and prevent unwanted overage charges.

We listened to the concerns and recommendations from the community and worked to create a new product, the No Worries plans, that will better serve our Utqiaġvik customers,” said Paul Landes, senior VP of GCI Consumer Services. In addition to more data and lower costs, customers will no longer have to worry about exceeding their data limit.

With the No Worries plans, a customer who has used their monthly data limit will have the option to continue their use at a reduced speed for the remainder of the month or purchase additional data at a reduced cost.

Plan Comparisons

Data Price
Current Alaska Xtreme Plan 10 GB $79.99 
New No Worries Plan 20 GB $59.99 

Data Price
Current Alaska Xtreme Plan 40 GB $169.99
New No Worries Plan 50 GB $149.99


Customers were notified about the plan changes in recent weeks and can expect an automatic upgrade. Customers with questions or concerns can call 1-800-800-4800 or visit the GCI store in Utqiaġvik to ensure they are signed up for the plan that best fits their needs.

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