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May 7, 2015

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – The Anchorage School District Attendance Recognition Program finished out the 2014-15 school year with 603 middle school students posting flawless attendance records. The program for middle schoolers is made possible by local businesses GCI and For Fun Alaska. Each quarter, one middle school student was chosen to receive a prize in recognition of their attendance achievement. 

On Wednesday, May 6, the 2014-15 grand-prize winner Catherine “Katie” Blankenburg, a seventh grader at Wendler Middle School, was surprised with an iPad from GCI and a party for up to 30 friends hosted by For Fun Alaska.  Her parents are very supportive and said, “Katie is in perfect health and we encourage her to strive for perfection.”

“GCI is proud to be part of such an important program and wants to encourage students to take initiative for their own attendance, even at the middle school level. Rewarding the effort these students are making is something we are happy to do, and we look forward to seeing this program continue to grow,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager Paul Landes. 

According to the Anchorage School District, 603 middle school students had perfect attendance, and 3,621 had an attendance of 95 percent or better. While this is the second year of the Attendance Recognition Program, it is the first school year that middle school students are eligible to participate. GCI will award all middle school students who achieved attendance of 95 percent or better with a certificate of achievement. 

Attendance is a critical factor to students’ success in school, and also later in the workforce. For additional information about the Attendance Recognition Program, visit

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