News Release

January 8, 2013

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - General Communication, Inc. ("GCI") (NASDAQ:GNCMA) announced cloud computing services for business customers. Available today, GCI Cloud Services represents a new generation platform, enabling businesses to rapidly provision and deploy computing resources and access data applications anytime, anywhere.

“The mission of GCI Cloud is two-fold: Make Alaska-based computing resources available to Alaska enterprises, and provide them the flexibility and support they need to do what they do best – growing their businesses,” said Ron Duncan, GCI’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re excited to bring this service to our customers.”

The Cloud is an approach to computing that uses a shared pool of configurable resources to provide convenient, on-demand, virtual network infrastructure or software utilized as an ongoing monthly service. Moving into the GCI Cloud enables easy access to virtual hardware and software through an Internet connection which allows businesses to pay for their IT resources at a low monthly rate – rather than investing in expensive IT infrastructure such as servers, hard drives and software application licenses.

"With Cloud Services, we provide our customers the ability to access and safely store data applications from their Smartphone, tablet or PC while on the go,” said J.R. Garcia, Product Engineer at GCI.

GCI Commercial Services recently opened a 9,000 square-foot state-of-the-art data services center to support the emerging trends in virtualized servers and cloud-based systems. “Businesses are increasingly realizing the benefits of moving their network into a data center environment, simply for the fact that there’s little to no CAPEX investment,” said Marina Cottini, VP Commercial Sales and Marketing at GCI. “Utilizing this type of facility benefits both small and large businesses by lowering risk and cost, while allowing IT personnel to focus on the specific needs of the company rather than data storage”, said Cottini.

GCI’s Data Services Center brings data-center technologies and services together by offering space, power, and bandwidth in a redundant and secure location. GCI’s scalable data center also allows businesses to use only what they need when they need it. This highly adaptable system lets GCI provide services that can quickly and efficiently support any growing business's needs.

Available now, GCI Cloud Services offers a variety of flexible, cost-effective solutions that combines applications, services and 24/7/365 local support for businesses. More information about GCI Cloud solutions can be found at

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