GCI launches CloudFlex® SD-WAN as a managed service to empower businesses to focus on what they do best | GCI

February 12, 2018

A highly-flexible, managed SD-WAN service moves network control to the cloud, eliminating costs associated with hardware-based networking and in-house management of wide area networks.

SEATTLE – Feb. 12, 2018 – GCI, a communications and digital services provider (DSP) in the Pacific Northwest, announced the launch of CloudFlex® SD-WAN, an easily configurable, cloud-based networking solution that empowers businesses across the U.S. to spend less time managing complex networking technology and more time focusing on their core business.

CloudFlex® Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) capabilities move management of business networks to the cloud, eliminating many of the costs associated with hardware-based networking and enabling significantly greater network flexibility. Through CloudFlex® SD-WAN, businesses can remove geographic boundaries while improving network scalability, performance and control.

CloudFlex® leverages GCI’s decades of networking experience and robust cloud-based infrastructure to equip businesses with personalized solutions that directly solve their specific connectivity challenges.

“With CloudFlex, organizations can leverage world-class, cloud-based managed service solutions that will make their businesses more nimble and efficient,” said Martin Cary, senior vice president, GCI Business. “As organizations in nearly every sector shift to cloud-based networking and digital services, GCI is committed to delivering technologies that create new capabilities, fine-tune operations and shrink IT overhead, all while providing expertise and around-the-clock customer service that is second-to-none.”

Additional capabilities to be integrated as part of the CloudFlex® suite include: managed Wi-Fi; data recovery and backup; advanced security features; network performance monitoring; managed voice and video conferencing; and scalable cloud solutions.

CloudFlex® SD-WAN frees businesses from cumbersome server racks and replaces that infrastructure with minimal equipment. CloudFlex® equips businesses with the GCI Hub, a digital dashboard that allows businesses to monitor many GCI services and network performance, to receive support and to maximize operational efficiencies. With CloudFlex®, businesses can expand and contract services almost instantly.

GCI managed technologies are leveraged across the globe and ensure businesses get all the performance and none of the pressure, with fully-supported services at a predictable cost.

For more information about CloudFlex® SD-WAN, please visit www.gci.com/cloudflex.

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