Massive price increase forces removal of AMC from cable lineups nationwide, including GCI

December 28, 2015

Anchorage, Alaska – General Communication, Inc. Alaska’s largest cable provider, will add several new channels to its 2016 lineup including One World SportsDiscovery Family and Outside Television channels but will no longer carry AMC Networks or Univision in the coming year because of substantial price increases imposed by these networks. 

In addition to GCI, 750 other independent TV operators may not renew their contracts with AMC due to the network’s massive fee increases. AMC’s most recent proposal to GCI represented an almost 200 percent cost increase for all the network’s channels as a condition of carrying AMC. 

AMC is known for its popular series “The Walking Dead,” which will continue to be available via the VUDU app on GCI’s TiVo service, as well as a growing list of online outlets.

“We know Alaska ‘Walking Dead’ fans will be disappointed that AMC’s sky-high rates prevent GCI from carrying the show on our traditional TV lineup,” said GCI Vice President of Content and Product Management Bob Ormberg. “The good news is that our customers have more viewing choices than ever before and GCI has made sure that fans can watch ‘The Walking Dead’ by other methods with GCI so they won’t miss an episode when season 6 resumes in February.” 

To encourage existing customers to explore the thousands of hours of new content available through apps such as VUDU and Netflix, GCI is offering its TiVo customers a $50 Visa gift card. Customers can request the gift card by calling 844-754-3711.

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