GCI’s $25,000 donation will increase trail awareness, safety

June 29, 2018

Wayfinding sign at Kincaid Chalet will help guide users through Anchorage’s trail system

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Navigating Anchorage’s trail system – from the scenic Turnagain Arm views along the Coastal Trail to the Chester Creek Trail’s commuter thoroughfare, and beyond – can be daunting for even an experienced traveler. GCI’s recent $25,000 donation to the Anchorage Park Foundation to construct and install a large wayfinding sign at the Coastal Trail’s Kincaid Park Chalet trailhead will make that experience a little easier.

The wayfinding signs are a part of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s “Live. Work. Play.” initiative to help Anchorage become the nation’s #1 city to live, work, and play in by 2025.

“GCI was founded in Anchorage nearly 40 years ago, and we’ve been invested in making Alaskans’ lives better ever since. We’re honored to work alongside organizations like the Anchorage Park Foundation and AEDC toward a common goal,” said Paul Landes, senior vice president and general manager, GCI Consumer Services. “We know our customers love the park and trail system, and we hope this new wayfinding sign will help give them an even better experience on our city’s trails.”

The Anchorage Trails wayfinding program aims to make the system easier to navigate; safely guide residents and visitors to landmarks, facilities, and community services; brand neighborhoods and establish a strong sense of place and community pride; improve community health by encouraging walking, bicycling, and public transit; and make Anchorage a better-connected city for residents, commuters, and tourists.

“The trail system is the crown jewel of the Anchorage park system, and we are passionate about giving trail-goers the safest and most-enjoyable experience possible,” said Beth Nordlund, executive director, Anchorage Park Foundation. “We’re thankful for generous community partners like GCI that help make these improvements possible.”

Kincaid Park has been an area of focus for GCI in recent years. In July 2017, GCI launched the first 4G LTE service in park, with the completion of a new stealth tower, disguised as a spruce tree to fit seamlessly into the park’s scenic landscape, adding a new level of safety through reliable wireless coverage in the area.

GCI donates more than $2 million to Alaska organizations, like the Anchorage Park Foundation, each year and provides more than 32,000 hours of paid volunteer time to its 2,200 employees statewide.

The wayfinding sign is expected to be complete this fall.

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