We’re on the road to 10 gig. Next stop: 2 gig.
GCI is making Alaska the most connected state in the nation.

Because Alaskans deserve the best.

We love Alaska. We love Alaskans. This affection for our local roots is what drives us to continually deliver the world’s best technology to our state. GCI is one of the first carriers in the nation to commit to 10 gig internet speeds and 2 gig is our next stop along the way. Get ready Alaska: the fastest internet available is about to get even faster.


“Alaska will lead the nation in 2 gig speeds. And it will be our turn once again to wait for the rest of the country to catch up.”
—Ron Duncan, GCI CEO and Co-Founder

To two gigabits…and BEYOND!

We were the first to deliver 1 gigabit internet speeds to Alaska and now, we’re kicking it up a gig. In the coming months, we’ll be doubling our fastest internet speeds and offering exclusive savings to GCI+ red customers. (It’s just another perk of GCI+.) We’re not stopping at 2 gig though, we’re taking it even further with a goal of bringing 10 gig to Alaska in 5 years.

Why More Gigs?

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that the world runs on connections powered by internet. As we use more internet by running more apps and connecting more devices, we require more speed. That’s why GCI is upgrading its network to sustain more. More traffic, more downloads, more streams, more devices—delivered over even greater speeds.

When Can I Get It?

2 GIG red Internet will be available beginning in October. In the meantime, join GCI+ red and qualify for exclusive savings.
More about GCI+ red

Where Will 2 Gig Internet be Available?

Customers will have access to 2 gig speeds from anywhere that 1 GIG red Internet is currently offered. That means nearly 80% of the state will have access, long before the majority of the lower 49.

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