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Anchorage: Upgrade your business possibilities with 5G

No matter what services you and your employees need, GCI delivers with Alaska's largest and most advanced network.


Expand your horizons

Experience a stronger connection with your customers and colleagues whether you're in the field or in the office.

Fast you can (almost) feel

Our new mobile experience delivers up to 5x faster speeds so that you can work even more efficiently. 


Connect confidently

Count on fewer dropped calls and better customer relationships. That's a win-win for all.

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Benefits of Business 5G

Explore more benefits of business 5G

Our new mobile experience delivers up to 5x faster speeds so that you can work even more efficiently. 

Always ready to help

Get quick, dedicated business support when you need it. Plus, our business support staff are all local Alaskans, just like you.

Budget-friendly plans

We'll show you how much you can save each month before you make the switch. And count on simplified billing so you can stay focused on the job.

Business-grade accessibility

Hometown 5G is built to provide secure enough bandwidth to support your all unified communications and operational platforms.

5G In All 50 states

Big on business travel? Get 5G service in all 50 states with GCI’s roaming agreement with T-Mobile.

Taking Alaska from the Last Frontier to the First Frontier

Hometown 5G is an investment of millions of dollars in Anchorage alone — paving the path for innovation that can help Anchorage become more energy efficient, spur economic growth, and provide an improved quality of life.

How 5G serves Alaska's economy

Faster speeds means more possibilities for your business.


Anchorage, we’ve got you covered

We’re going all in to bring Anchorage the Hometown 5G experience it deserves. We’ve made comprehensive upgrades so you get an improved network wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Get well-equipped for everything business

Besides faster speeds, GCI’s new, improved network has all the features to make your business more connected than ever before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

5G NR (New Radio) is the global standard for a unified 5G wireless air interface. Others have declared premature victory by way of their evolutionary steps toward 5G, but these were not true 5G networks. 5G Evolution is not 5G NR.
Anchorage is our hometown, so it made sense for us to launch 5G here first. Just as we did with 1 GIG red, we plan to expand our 5G service to other fiber-served areas in the state, though no timeline is set.
At this time, your unlimited plan is your unlimited plan, and having a 5G capable device on our 5G network will not affect your rates. There may be future products and services yet to be created that could fall under different rate structures.

The electromagnetic frequencies used for 5G are part of the radio frequency spectrum that has been extensively researched in terms of health impacts for decades. Over 50 years of scientific research has already been conducted into the possible health effects of the radio signals used for mobile phones, base stations, and other wireless services including frequencies planned for 5G. 

The data from this research has been analyzed by many expert review groups. Weighing the whole body of science, there is no evidence to convince experts that exposure below the guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) carries any known health risks.

For more information about the studies of 5G and safety, visit https://www.gci.com/mobile/5g/responsibility

*Disclaimer: To enjoy a true 5G experience requires a 5G-capable phone. GCI’s network improvements leading up to 5G will enable consumers using newer 4G LTE phones to experience significant service improvements—including up to 5.87x faster download speeds than our previous LTE network—even without a 5G phone. The newer your 4G LTE phone, the more noticeable the performance improvements will be. However, customers with a 5G phone will have a slightly improved experience over 4G. In the near future, as we transition to standalone 5G, the distinction between 4G LTE and 5G device performance will become very distinct.